• Book Bundle- The Human Body, Let's Investigate Keeping Fit

The Human Body , Penny Coltman, Longman, 1999, soft cover, ISBN 0-582-33892-1, 32 pages

Did you know that your heart beats about 100,000 times a day and yout hair grows about 20cm a year?

Find out about other fascinating facts about how our bodies work in this introduction to the human body.

Accompanied with a simple text for young readers - 5-8 years, colourful explanatory pictures and diagrams.

Let's Investigate Keeping Fit, 1997, Peter Haddock Publishing, ISBN 0-7105-0983-9, 68 pages

An exciting range of project and activity books that will help children build skills and gain knowledge.

Gives an indepth information on the body, exercise routines, types of exercise, a good diet and much more

 A great book for children aged 8 years and above

Used book Used book, excellent condition

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Book Bundle- The Human Body, Let's Investigate Keeping Fit

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