• Knight Puzzles (NEW BOOK)

Welcome to the Castle!. This is a brave knight called Henry. And this is Willow, his horse. Solve the puzzles in this book and help Henry find the King's golden shield.

The King is sending Henry on a quest to find his long lost Golden Shield, but first he must face the terrifying dragon who guards the Great Cave. Help Henry find his way through the castle, across the river and into the cave to retrieve the shield, and become the King's hero. Solve each puzzle on your way through fantastical settings and brilliant stories Trace through mazes with your finger and help each character and their faithful friends on their adventure.

Stories are based around characters that are popular for the age group 3-6 years. Meet a not-so-scary dragon and help Henry find the golden shield in Knight Puzzles. Puzzle Adventures combine an exciting adventure story with an important feature: the reader doesn't need to use a pen to complete the puzzles Different kinds of puzzles help to develop key skills of memory, visual recognition and deduction.
Answers to puzzles included at the back of the book.

NOTE: For independent reading, this book requires reading level 4.

Used book New- Brand new
Age interest 3-6 years
Author Stella Maidment
Content Colour illustrations and puzzles
Illustrator Daniela Dogliani
Copyright date 2013
ISBN 978-1-78171-251-1
Pagination 32
Publisher QED Publishing

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Knight Puzzles (NEW BOOK)

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