• Seventh Heaven - The Princess Diaries

Seventh Heaven is a part of the Princess Diaries series, all revolving around Mia (Amelia) Thermopolis (Mignonette Grimaldi Ronaldo). She's just a teenage girl, with the usual teen problems like her uneven proportions and her hair effortlessly managing to look like a birds nest. Oh, and she's also a Princess, and heir to Genovia.

She lives in two worlds. One with her Mom, her stepfather and her adorable baby brother Rocky in a loft apartment, ordering Chinese take out and flunking calculus. And another in a world of Chanel fittings, tea at the Plaza's Palm Court and being closely followed by her bodyguard to shield her from the paparazzi.

In the seventh book, Mia's life seems to be spiraling out of control. Her own Prince Charming seems to be doubting her. School isn't too great. Amongst still being picked on by Lana and her snotty cheerleader gang, she has to figure out how to be a party girl. Her Grandma's over interference isn't exactly helping things along either. And, seven books later, she's still flunking calculus. Will Mia be able to pick up the pieces, before her tiara slips right off?

Used book Used book, excellent condition
Age interest 12+ years
Author Meg Cabot
Copyright date 2006
Edition 2007
ISBN 978-0-330-44155-1
Binding Soft cover
Pagination 284
Publisher Macmillan Books
Dimensions (cm) L X W 21 X 13

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Seventh Heaven - The Princess Diaries

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